Order your ticket

Hi everyone !

To order your ticket you need to follow these steps :

  1. Login here : https://www.cu-lan.be/index.php/en/login
  2. Order your ticket here : https://www.cu-lan.be/index.php/en/component/rsform/form/46-step-1-4-buy-your-ticket-2018
  3. Go through the 4 steps completely !
  4. Depending on your choice, you can pay with banktransfer or with Bancontact. If you choose bancontact, you will be redirected to Mollie.com to perform your payment. If you don't pay immediately on Mollie.com, you can still pay afterwards with a banktransfer or you will have to start all over again as unpaid orders are removed after a few days...



Announcing CU-LAN 2018

Hi again !

It's been a while, but here we are again, announcing CU-LAN 2018 : Lazy-edition V2
The first Lazy-edition was greatly appreciated in 2017, so this year's theme will be the same :)
More fun, more gaming, more fun-compos...
Wreck DrWeB had a lot of success last year, so this year, you will have the chance to participate in more Crew-wrecking ! More info will follow...

CU@theLAN in 2018,

DrWeB, Locco, Sentinel, Spiere, Capeman, Bn, DrWeB-Jr, FireHC


Happy New Year to everyone !

Hi everyone,

The CU-LAN crew wishes you all a very prosperous 2018 !

To end the year we made a timelapse video of CU-LAN 2017.

CU@theLAN in 2018,

DrWeB, Locco, Sentinel, Spiere, Capeman, Bn